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Mad Methods

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Are you in need of a miracle today?Perhaps you’re hoping it will manifest in a news-worthy, tell all your neighbours fashion. But maybe. Just maybe, that’s not the way God is going to do it.

Where your faith is; that’s where God will meet you.

In the account of the blind man of Bethsaida, [Mark 8:22-26] Jesus spits on the man’s eyes as part of the healing process. There is nothing inherently prophetic about saliva, and certainly to our modern thinking this is a somewhat gross method of healing. Nevertheless, one thing is clear throughout all of the scriptures God will meet us at the level of our faith. For the man of Bethsaida, he wasn’t in the least bit perturbed by Jesus’ actions. It is apparent, that saliva as a method of healing was the level of his faith.

Personally I’m opting for the, – speak the word – method if you don’t mind.

As children of God we are always being encouraged to reach for higher levels of faith.

However, we have a loving Father, a gracious Lord and a gentle Holy Spirit who will meet us at the level of our faith without judgement or condemnation.

There were countless miracles that Jesus performed, and yet this strange little story was considered worthy of recording. I believe two of those reasons were the unusual method of this man’s healing, as well as the fact that Jesus took two attempts to completely restore his sight.

So having recognised where your faith is at.

Let’s not be ashamed, but boldly come before Him with an honest evaluation of our faith.

With grateful hearts and never giving up praying, or falling into the trap of believing that the partial delivery of our need is the complete story. The Lord wasn’t satisfied with a partial success and we shouldn’t be either.

Expect an answer that addresses your need, whether it be for your relationships, finances or health.

2 Corinthians 9:8 God is able to bless you abundantly
The Abundance of God

The Lord has lavished his love on us, 1 John 3:1.

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